Why is Captain late to live his own site?

Captainweb LLP is a digital agency who primarily focus on the technical & design aspect of the business. We are running this business from past 4 years or so still site took so long to live a single page. Some of our clients used to ask us all type of questions, one client even though we are a dummy company are going to run away with his money.
But most of our clients are very kind & they do understand how busy are we shaping there projects. We thought there is no better topic than explaining why are we so late launching our own website, being a web development company.

Time Constraints:

This is such an obvious reason. We believe in serving our clients first. हमारी वेबसाइट का निर्माण तो होता रहेगा.

Design Changes:

Actually, we tried developing this website 3 times. Designs were made, then they were kept for some time because of work, then whenever we used to look at the same templates design trends were stale. Then again think, re-thing, re-build the design. It took some time.The current design is going to change & we are going to launch this WordPress theme free for download.